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Ciao Bella Fusion Hair Extensions Bond Remover 4 oz

Ciao Bella Hair Extensions Fusion Bond Remover primary ingredients include: Glycerine, Ethanol/ SD Alcohol 40, Camphor, Butylene Glycol, Sodium Benzoate, Eucalyptus Oil, Clove Oil, and Peppermint Oil and Water.  Solution is completely safe for hair, skin and nails.  External use only!  To be used for the sole purpose of weakening, and breaking down the hardness of keratin and glue-based fusion hair bonds.

Instructions for Use: First, apply a silicone type product on the bond area and hair lengths and ends to create a smooth glide as strands slide off.  Next, liberally apply a small amount of "Fusion Bond Removal Liquid" on a full row of bonds at a time.  Then, press each bond with the crimping tool to loosen the bond.  Re-apply Fusion Bond Remover as needed.  After bond is weakened, use your fingers to seperate the hair from the bonds. After loosening the bond, remove the hair extension strand, and finally comb out remaining particles of keratin, or glue-based bonds using a fine tooth comb.  Wash and condition Clients own hair with salon recommended hair product type.  Ciao Bella Hair's Fusion Bond Remover contains No Ascetone and completely safe for hair, scalp and hands.  Product ingredients on details page.

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